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Inga-Wera-Jane Heymann is interested in the performance, rituals, and gestures of the everyday. Taking a research approach to design by looking at the inherent narrative of furniture, the poetics of daily life and the spatial relationship between objects and the body.

IWJ is a product designer whose work focuses on enhancing the enjoyment of everyday objects.

She creates functional art and collectible design.


Each lamp is unique and completely handmade.

Their painted structural frames are produced by a local metal workshop, and Heymann hand-weaves these in her studio with Italian cotton thread.


She makes lamps in a variety of styles and sizes, including pendants and table lamps. From a distance, they resemble ancient, angular vases, and they range in depth and height from the relatively shallow “flying saucer” shapes to more elongated lanterns.

Such combinations ensure that the lamps are as appealing by day as they are by night, when their produce a softly slatted, atmospheric light.

Lampenschirme handgemacht

Based in Berlin, Germany.

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