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Fruit bowl, obst, gemüse in einer Obstschale


Inspired by the fluidity and unpredictability of nature, the unique fruit bowl challenges conventional design.

Rather than conforming to straight lines and rigid structures, the fruit bowl embraces the organic chaos of the natural world. Composed of just a few essential elements – the design invites playful interaction.


Every arrangement becomes a celebration of nature's beauty and complexity, 

encouraging users to engage with their fruit in a dynamic and intuitive way.




€ 110,00Prezzo
Ready to ship May 5th.
  • This Powder coated Steel Bowl is made in a small family owned Metal Workshop near my hometown in Leipzig. 

    It is hand welded.

    Videos and photos from the productin process will follow!


  • 60cm long 

    10 cm height 

    10 cm width

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