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Mondrian style lampe

Inspired after the painter Piet Mondrian.

Can you see the resemblence?


What sets these lamps apart is their individuality.

No two lamps are exactly alike, ensuring that you are the proud owner of a truly exclusive piece.

With their distinctive designs, these lamps become a focal point in any space, making a bold statement and sparking conversations.


This unique lamp, designated as `Mondrian` is one of only 10 in existence worldwide.
While it can be custom-made in various colors, the distinctive form is limited to just 10 pieces globally in this size.


Colors used:

beige, yellow, red, blue, black


Measurements:  24cm height / 50cm width



Shipping included.

Weighs: 1,9 kg


Mondrian Style

920,00 €Preis
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